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Genesee Water & Sanitation District

Genesee Water and Sanitation District is a quasi-municipal corporation and a political subdivision of the State of Colorado formed on July 5, 1973 pursuant to the Special District Act. The District was organized for the purpose of providing clean, safe and reliable water and sanitation services to its residents.

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A Grand Opening Celebration!

Genesee Water & Sanitation District Advanced Water Treatment Plant

Clean water, an essential component of life!

A five year project of the Genesee Water & Sanitation District (GW&SD), is nearing completion on the District Water Campus on Bitterroot Lane.   An advanced treatment plant, currently in the final stages of process checkout, will provide high quality finished water to all customers of the GW&SD and has been designed to meet community needs for at least the next 30 years.  Full changeover to the new facility is expected in September.   A Grand Opening Celebration with an open house and guided facility tours is planned for the afternoon of Saturday, September 30th. Information...

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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Monday, August 21, 2017. Mark that date in your calendar, because this is one you don’t want to miss. On August 21, North America will experience a rare and awe-inspiring astronomical event —a solar eclipse. The last time a total solar eclipse spanned across the continent of North America was almost a century ago—June 8, 1918. The most recent total eclipse of the sun that could be viewed from anywhere in America was 38 years ago, February 26, 1979, and was visible in five US states as well as parts of Canada and Greenland. Needless to say, this just doesn’t happen every day.


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