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Did you know....

Reports of mail theft and mail fraud have more than doubled in the past couple of years. Criminals have been targeting both residential mailboxes and postal collection boxes to steal checks and commit financial crimes. The New York Times even warns about a practice known as “check washing”, where check thieves will use chemicals to remove a check’s dollar amount and recipient and then rewrite the checks for much larger sums. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued an alert on this alarming trend. Unfortunately mailing checks is no longer safe. Here is another great article

When you send a paper check in the mail, your routing number, account number, name and address are available to all to see.  Doing bill pay through your bank keeps all of that information with your bank, not printed on a check! 


Water Hardness in Genesee is:

3.0 GPG. 

Soft water is 0-3.5 GPG 


Important Billing Info

  • Online Account Access is now available!  Click View and Pay Bill to be directed to the Invoice Cloud payment portal.  When typing your account number, include ALL 7 digits without the decimal. 
  • 2 FREE ways to pay:

    • Online Bill Pay through your bank
    • Sign up for Auto Pay 

**If using bill pay, PLEASE make sure your bank includes your Genesee Water account number and that they have our current billing address: 2310 Bitterroot Lane Golden, CO 80401.

Want to set up paperless or autopay and need help? Click HERE! 


Genesee Water & Sanitation District Board Meeting Info

  • Upcoming Regular Board Meeting Tuesday Sept 26th - 5:00 PM

Please find all related information under News & Notices - Board Meeting & Info OR Agendas. Zoom meeting ID 447 424 1943  (all meetings)  Zoom Link Click Here


Take a Moment to Think About It

Take a Moment to Think About It

October 01, 2023

The value of water is immeasurable.

Every October the water community reflects on A Day Without Water to better educate, appreciate, and understand this incredible resource. The Water Industry’s most important mission is to preserve and protect water for generations to come (both animal, plant and human generations!). 

For many, living without fresh flowing water is a stark reality. When water is unavailable, communities stop functioning. Water is used to prepare meals, baths, sanitation, hydration, industry, agriculture, and so much more. 

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