About Us

The District was created pursuant to Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, known as the Special District Act (the "Act"), for the purpose of providing water and sanitation services, including a water supply, treatment, storage, transmission and distribution system and a sanitary sewer collection and treatment system, for the inhabitants of the District. The Order and Decree of the District Court in and for Jefferson County, Colorado, creating the District, was entered on July 5, 1973, following approval of the creation of the District by the electors of the proposed District at an election held within the proposed District. The Decree incorporated a Resolution of Approval (the "Resolution of Approval") of the Jefferson County Commissioners.

 The Resolution of Approval by the Jefferson County Commissioners approved the District's service plan (the "Service Plan") which, among other things, shows the proposed services to be provided and financed, and describes the facilities to be acquired. Any material changes to the Service Plan of a basic or essential nature, including additions to the types of service provided by the District, will require modification of the Service Plan; and modification of the Service Plan will require the approval of the Board of County Commissioners. To date, the Service Plan of the District has not been amended.

 The District is not financially accountable for any other organization, nor is the District a component unit of any other primary governmental entity.


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