Adv. Water Treatment Facility


Our drinking water treatment facility was constructed in 1982, and was designed to meet the then current drinking water standards, not to mention building, plumbing and electrical codes. Two primary things have happened since this time; the plant has aged and is beyond the point of its expected useful life, and drinking water quality standards have become much more stringent.  With this in mind the District Board developed a Water Treatment Facilities Master Plan.  As a result of this work it was determined that a new Advanced Water Treatment Facility must be built. 

In November of 2014 the District electorate authorized $10,300,000 to be used for an Advanced Water Treatment Facility (AWTF) and other Water System Improvements required to maintain reliable water delivery and metering. The primary focus has been to successfully complete the design of the Advanced Water Treatment Facility.

Following relevant discussions, a contract was awarded to R.N. Civil, the low bid contractor. Currently the plant project is on schedule. Construction began October 2015 with an anticipated start-up date in August-September 2017.