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Customer Update Report Reservoir #1 Expansion

Reservoir No.1 Expansion Project - Updates

After months of discussions, value engineering efforts, and public meetings following the project construction bid openings, the Genesee W&SD Board of Directors voted 4-0 in favor to approve construction of the originally designed Reservoir No.1 Expansion Project at the August 23, 2022, regular board meeting. This reversed decision by the board majority was described as a compromise that came with three additional motions.

Motion 2              (Motion withdrawn as the concept is improper per legal counsel)

All non-mandated major projects will be put to a vote or a survey to the District’s customers

Motion 3              (Votes 4-0 in favor, following legal counsel’s note that this is a non-binding concept)

The board, over a 3-year budget period (2023 to 2025), will responsibly increase rates to reach a goal at year-end 2025 of $1,500,000 in its cash reserves.

Motion 4              (Votes 4-0 in favor)

The Genesee Water & Sanitation District board of directors authorizes and directs the board secretary to prepare a communication explaining the history and reasoning behind Reservoir 1 and the district’s financial situation.


February 28, 2023


Frigid temperatures and frequent snowstorms have been more than an inconvenience for the construction crew from Zak Dirt but to date have resulted in no major delays to the schedule. Demolition of existing infrastructure and excavation for the new spillway structure have been ongoing since initial mobilization around the first week of December 2022. Over the past few weeks the District’s engineers, geologists, the State Dam Safety Engineers and construction experts have been working through issues discovered during excavation for the spillway structure, and are finalizing minor design changes for state approval. Surprisingly this may turn out to be a positive change order for the District. As final design changes and state approval will take another three to four weeks, Zak Dirt will switch gears from continued spillway excavation and prep work for pouring concrete to moving dirt. This is exciting as we will see the project move from mostly unseen work at the southeast corner of the project to substantial earth moving activity. The current three week look ahead schedule concentrates mainly on embankment fill with some remaining demolition and cleanup work.

January 1, 2023

Construction throughout January is dependent on weather and will consist mainly of excavation work for the new spillway structure.

December 1, 2022

The construction contractor for the Genesee Reservoir No.1 Expansion Project (ZAK Dirt) began mobilization this week. Typical hours for construction will be Monday through Friday 7:30 to 4:30.

First (3) Week Tentative Construction Schedule

  • Dec 1st – 6th Continued mobilization, initial BMP’s
  • Dec 7th – 14th Tree and stump removal

Dec 15th Clearing & grubbing, and demolition of existing infrastructure begins

November 1, 2022

As of November 1st the final permitting hurdle (Jefferson County grading permit) is approved, and the contractor ZAC Dirt is expected to mobilize within the next two to three weeks. The project does not have final State Dam Safety approval yet, but the State Engineer has been closely involved throughout the process and has stated that there should be no substantial issues. Therefore, the contractor can safely begin work, initially concentrating on tree & shrub removal and demolition work.

October 2022     Estimated loan amount at project completion is $4.2M to $4.6M

                                Estimated project substantial completion is November 2023