Water Conservation

The Genesee Water and Sanitation District (GW&SD) Board of Directors approved the establishment of a Water Conservation Program for the District.  Water is a precious resource and the world supply of fresh water is being threatened by increasing world population, poor planning, and over use.  With superior water rights and our own reservoir, Genesee Water and Sanitation District users are well positioned to meet our future demands.  However, it is still good practice to conserve this precious resource.  Reduced water use results in lower operating costs for the District and can lead to lower water bills for our residents.

With the support of Denver Water www.denverwater.org/conservation and partnership with WaterSense www.epa.gov/watersense we will provide you with ongoing resources to help you conserve.



ADOPTED -  June 24, 2008

The Drought Management Plan has been significantly revised from prior plans.   Criteria governing water restrictions will now be based primarily on the amount of water the District has in storage verses stream flow in Bear Creek.  In September 2007 the District completed construction and filling of its new 101.2 acre foot (32,976,000 gallons) dam and raw water storage reservoir.  The reservoir is known as the Genesee Storage and Augmentation Reservoir No. 2 and at capacity is estimated to supply the District’s service obligation at full demand with an amount well exceeding that needed for the worst drought on record over the past 91 years.

Levels of restrictions will GENERALLY be based upon the measured water level and coinciding amount of water in storage at the Genesee Storage and Augmentation Reservoir No. 2. If adequate water is physically and/or legally available, there will be no restrictions in place. However, if based on the District’s past experience and on the 2008 Water Supply Yield Analysis, if such a decrease in water storage and in Bear Creek stream flows occurs as to indicate that the District’s demand is likely to exceed the quantity available, the District will need to undertake measures to limit water use.  Signage shall be the primary means of communicating requirements to District customers. District recorded messages and information on the District web site will also be available in June to inform customers of any drought restrictions in place.
















Maximum Capacity




Invert Of Upper Level Draw-off Gate




Invert Of Middle Level Draw-off Gate




Invert Of Lower Level Draw-off Gate





6774 - 6788

64 - 101

20.8 - 32.9

Normal Operating Range   Level "0" - No Restrictions




Level "1" Restrictions Go In Effect




Level "2" Restrictions Go In Effect


 LEVEL“0” - NO RESTRICTIONS – However, the District always recommends voluntary conservation.

Genesee Storage and Augmentation Reservoir No. 2 must have an amount greater than 60 acre feet of water in storage with a corresponding water level greater than elevation 6772.

  LEVEL “1” RESTRICTIONS – Signs will indicate requirements.

 Signs will be placed at three designated locations typically at the entrances to the District.

ON if [Generally 60 acre feet or less in storage ]

OFF if [Generally 64 acre feet or more in storage for a minimum of 5 days]

Sprinkler and hose irrigation by ALL users shall be limited to three days per week and is prohibited between 9:00am and 6:00pm.  Therefore, on any specific calendar day, watering may occur from midnight to 9:00am and then from 6:00pm to midnight. 

The watering schedule shall be:

Addresses ending in EVEN NUMBERS may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Addresses ending in ODD NUMBERS may water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

Sprinkler and hose irrigation is limited to 15 minutes for each landscaped area or sprinkler zone of the yard on each of the assigned days. If the assigned day is missed, that application shall be forfeited and cannot be added to any other watering day assigned to the address. Washing cars is allowed, but only on your watering day. 

A surcharge of $15.00 per 1,000 gallons will apply to consumption at or above 31,000 gallons during any two-month billing cycle.

Fines for Violations: 1st Warning, 2nd $100, 3rd $300, and 4th $500 and/or disconnection of service until the Board deems drought situation has improved.

LEVEL “2” RESTRICTIONS – Signs will indicate requirements and will be updated accordingly.

ON if [Generally 40 acre feet or less in storage ]

OFF if [Generally 45 acre feet or more in storage for a minimum of 5 days and improving Bear Creek flows]

TOTAL BAN ON ALL OUTSIDE WATER USE – including Commercial and Residential lawn irrigation, swimming pools, car washing, hot tubs and waterscape structures such as waterfalls, ponds and fountains.  SURCHARGE AND FINES APPLY.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Please note: This plan is subject to change at any given time without prior notice, subject to a later public hearing on the changes made. All factors that influence your water supply cannot be predicted. These may include, but are not limited to state water rights administration, electrical power outages; water main breaks, mechanical failure, nearby forest fires, and upstream spills which compromise water quality.